How to Live with It and Use for Business

TikTok appeared on the market not that long ago, but has already managed to overtake such giants as “Facebook”, “YouTube” and “WhatsApp” in the number of downloads. Every day hundreds of millions of people visit the service and post their videos there. Such popularity is no accident, as an example, TikTok fans are quickly recruited, which cannot be said about other sites. Therefore, if you still do not know about this social network, it’s high time to get acquainted to it.


  • Project’s history
  • Who uses TikTok
  • TikTok for business

Project’s history

TikTok appeared in 2016, and at that time it was known only in China. In a while, the company decided to enter the public market, but it had a competitor, the “” application, so it was decided to redeem the service in order to combine the applications. After a successful agreement, TikTok added another 100 million people, which gave a good start to the young project.

Next, a very large advertising campaign was launched. Advertising was everywhere, and if you did not find it, then most likely you just did not spend time on the Internet. The company has not disclosed the exact number of its users, however, according to the experts, in November 2018 there were more than 800 million registered users.

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Who uses TikTok

The main audience of the social network is young people, mostly teenagers. They are attracted by the fact that they can dance, make collages to the favorite music and nobody will complain about the copyrights. Also, some are engaged in Tik Tok fans cheat, but this can lead to the account ban.

As mentioned above, the company does not disclose data about the audience, but most recently, managers decided to launch advertising in test mode in France and in the UK. Therefore, the presentation showed the public data of these countries, so that advertisers knew where to invest.

According to the presented data, it became known that 3.7 million people use the application monthly in the UK, and in France – 4 million. On average, users watch more than 5 billion videos every month, and they visit the social network 8 times a day.

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TikTok for business

Until 2019 there was no official advertising on TikTok. Only in January 2019, bloggers from France noticed some test ads. Thanks to the “merged” presentation, it became known that the developers would like to introduce 4 types of advertising:

  1. Native;
  2. Videos with duration up to 15 sec. You can either skip it or add a call-to-action button to it;
  3. 2D and 3D branded filters that can be placed in top positions for 10 days;
  4. Hashtags.

However, the social network users did not like the test ads. They say that TikTok is a unique service, and it is impossible to introduce the ordinary advertising there, similar to Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, it is highly likely that management will reconsider their views on creatives.

The service is incredibly popular, and respectively, the interest in the promotional products will be amazing. Young people respond well to the integrations, but its insolvency should be considered. In any case, TikTok does not stand still and is constantly being improved. Moreover, this is the only Chinese service that could reach such heights for now.