How to Gain Popularity on TikTok

In the recent months, the question of how to get more followers on Tik Tok becomes extremely relevant. It’s all about the active development of this social network. Every month thousands of new users are registered there. Each of them publishes gigabytes of interesting (and not really) content every day. In such a competitive environment, it is necessary to use ingenuity in order to draw the attention of users to your account and get a lot of new viewers.


  • Developing your account
  • Publishing unique content
  • Creating interesting videos
  • Choosing cool music
  • Conclusion

Developing your account

Having figured out how to use Tik Tok, you can take up the account development. You need to set up the basic functions, choose your name, add a photo and make the first posts. They should be as bright as possible to attract attention. Best of all, if you already have an initial audience that will give the first views. If there is no such audience, then it does not matter, you can contact the specialized services, like All-SMM. They are professionally engaged in the development of accounts in the social networks and will make all the necessary settings for the explosive growth of your account.

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Publishing unique content

An important component of the account development is the uniqueness of the published content. Be prepared for the fact that it will be estimated from different sides. It is not enough to make just a beautiful video to the music, it must also be unique. And this means that you will have to experiment, selecting interesting compositions and creating an interesting video series.

Creating interesting videos

A TikTok video should have a certain ease. It is not necessary to create highly sophisticated content – it should be clear and easy to understand. The user after watching the video should smile and have wish to go to your page. If there is an overload, the viewer may be interested, but for a long time it will not be enough – they will very quickly refuse to study your page and concentrate on other videos.

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Choosing cool music

Another important feature of each video is the musical component. It is not enough just to choose a good musical composition, it must also correspond to the content of the video. For example, if in the song the author tells about a yellow submarine, then it would be ideal to find (or draw and cut out of paper) a yellow submarine. It will be fun at the same time, but it will also show your viewers that you are making some effort to create good content. It is always positively evaluated and generates new views.


It should be noted that TikTok is still at the initial stage of its development. It’s still not very clear what this social network will look like in five years. That is why new users have an excellent chance to succeed in this network and implement their most interesting and unusual ideas.