How to Earn Money on TikTok?

Creative young people successfully use the social network TikTok to earn money. Unlike Instagram or other social networks, here even one post with an interesting video can bring the most common account to the TOP.


  • Using advertising and other ways of monetizing TikTok
  • How to become popular
  • How to make money on your account
  • Conclusion

TikTok is a popular social network that brings together thousands of fans. The unique algorithm for ranking videos can make their authors famous. Even if you record only one viral video, it is likely that it will be selected to the list of popular ones, and your profile will be quickly replenished with the new followers.

Using advertising and other ways of monetizing TikTok

If you follow popular bloggers from Instagram and YouTube platforms, you may notice a tendency that they all try to develop their success on the TikTok platform. There is a simple explanation for this. This social network may overtake the above-mentioned services by the number of users soon. Already these days, the TikTok application is downloaded more often than other social network applications.

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How to become popular

This social network is not avoided even by the celebrities. If you can show yourself and create interesting content that liked by the followers, then be sure to try yourself on this social network. Becoming popular is simple:

  • Create a TikTok account
  • Watch popular videos
  • Come up with something similar
  • Create interesting content

And repeat this several times. We are sure that you will be on a par with the famous bloggers. Would you like to know how to increase Tik Tok views? Create viral content, and success will come to you.

How to make money on your account

If you have promoted your profile on this social network, you can try to make money on it. For example, by conducting a challenge. Big bloggers hold an event and ask their followers or other famous people to do the same. By adding a special hashtag, an event can get to the recommendation feed. Then hundreds of thousands of other users of the social network will see you. Brands often promote their products or services with the help of such challenges.

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The next advertising option is a link to the profile of another user. Of course, they put it not out of courtesy, but for a certain amount of money. The more advertising coverage the audience has, the more will cost the link from it. Today there are even special stock exchanges where you can find platforms for advertising on your profile on this service. With their help, you can answer the question of how to get 10k followers on Tik Tok.


Any popular social network has many ways to make money. You can advertise clothing or other products for the youth brands. Representatives of such products will pay you for advertising. But for this it is necessary to gain the sufficient audience in your account.