How to Become Successful on Instagram

Dreaming of a multi-million army of followers? Want to start earning on your account? Then our selection of secret promotion methods is exactly what you need!


1. Paving the way

1.1. Header design

1.2. Style

1.3. Stories design

2. Creating a content plan

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Paving the way

The first step on the path to fame and popularity on the social network is creating and properly designing a profile. And if the registration procedure does not cause any difficulties and questions, then subsequent work with the account does not seem so simple anymore. What is important to consider?

• Name. It should be capacious and sonorous, accurately reflecting the concept or idea of ​​the blog.

• Header. Many users skip this section, but it plays one of the key roles, largely determining whether a person follows you or not.

• Profile picture. If the account is personal, there should be a close-up face, if commercial, a well-read logo.

This is a necessary base, with which you can take the following actions. Since the profile is still empty, it’s too early for the order of likes on Instagram (because there’s simply nothing to boost up). However, you can go the other way and connect all the necessary apps and programs that will help in blogging. So, for example, you can connect the service for mass following Instagram service.

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Header design

We mentioned above that one of the fundamental steps to gather an audience. Moreover, if the header is written incorrectly, it can scare customers away by provoking unfollowing Instagram followers.

So what are the requirements here?

• the number of characters should not exceed 160 (optimal volume is 140-150);

• be sure to use emoticons;

• give a clear description, explain why a person should follow.

In addition, copyright hashtags work well. You can also add them in the header.


According to recent surveys and studies, inanimate “perfect” accounts are no longer interesting to the audience. People want honesty and sincerity, undisguised truth. That is why explicit filters and total processing of each post will no longer help you get to the top. However, this does not mean that you need to completely ignore the aesthetic component.

You must still process posts. However, this must be done very subtly and delicately, so that life is preserved in the photo and video.

Stories design

Stories is one of the main elements of the profile. They must be moderately stylish and aesthetic, well read. But most importantly – they should cause intrigue. In other words, cause the wish in the user to open them.

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Creating a content plan

The vast majority of bloggers for some reason ignore this important aspect. But it is the quality of the content plan that determines the final success. Why is it worth working on compiling it?

• It allows to save time on thinking over ideas for posts;

• It is possible to pre-prepare the layout, select the most suitable videos and images;

• It helps in planning posts, organizing your time;

• It allows not to repeat in topics, to be interesting.

Of course, content plans do not cancel any situational posts. You can always make adjustments to them by changing and adding something.

Summing it up, the promotion of the blog is a simple, but rather time-consuming and energy-intensive procedure. You must be as consistent as possible in your actions, adhere to clear rules and instructions. Only by combining basic principles with creativity and identity, you will achieve the desired results.