How Many Instagram Followers You Need to Make Money

In order for an advertiser to pay attention to you and to earn money on commercial posts, you need to gather a sufficient audience. How to do that? Interesting posts and correct positioning (understanding) of your activity is needed.

Let’s talk about this in more detail!


– When advertisers will pay attention to you?

– What account topics earn better?

– General advice

When advertisers will pay attention to you?

In order to answer the question of ‘How many Instagram followers do you need to make money?’,  it is necessary to understand the simple and cynical, profit-motivated logic of advertisers.

They will pay attention to you if you can offer sufficient amounts of users for ‘getting acquainted to the advertising offer’. What does it mean? It only means that you must have an ‘advertising platform’ at your disposal, where the order will be placed.

The better this platform is from the view point of marketing, the greater are the chances of getting attention!

Let’s answer directly: the exact number of followers for commercial activities does not exist.

Develop a profile, draw attention to it with likes, comments and followers – the advertiser will be interested in cooperation and you can start earning on commercial posts!

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What account topics earn better?

Conventionally, Instagram profiles can be divided into:

– Personal:

Account focused exclusively on the identity of the owner. For example, the profile of an actor, a singer or just a popular personality. This increases the level of confidence in the advertising of the ‘famous person’. The cost of commercial posts, as a rule, is the highest and allows to replenish the budget significantly.

– Commercial:

These are pages of some companies, organizations that publish commercial posts. It is difficult to cooperate with such profiles – there might be corporate ethics, standards for advertising. The cost of advertising can be surprisingly low if one considers that simple commercial cooperation can occur often (Coke advertises chips, and chips – Coke).

– Collective:

Instagram page with a group of authors. These profiles are on the second place after the ‘personal’ ones in terms of earnings. This is due to the fact that the audience is aware of the ‘actions’ of the team and perceives them as ‘one person’.

– Unitary;

The unitary pages include guitar players, gardeners, language course pages and others. The cost of an order for a commercial post may not be that high, but the advertiser ‘understands’ the audience accurately.

– Collections.

By collection we mean ‘hodgepodge’ videos, various jokes, etc., without a specific subject. Such accounts earn less – the audience is fragmented and there is no individuality, confidence to the posts.

Important: You can still highlight one common theme for any type of account – ‘18+’, which can be present in any topic as a separate, independent genre. ‘Adult content’ is rated differently by people with high moral character, but because of the strict rules of Instagram, the content must meet the requirements. It is characterized by a typical monotony, which reduces the cost of posts. The ‘laws of value distribution’ are the same here as in the ‘classical laws of distribution’ described above.

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General advice

To develop the profile, gain the followers actively and turn it into a ‘media unit’, try to make more posts that could be remembered or be posted in personal news feeds. This advice is relevant for everyone, including those who have just decided to get the first hundred of followers.

If you are wondering ‘How to get 100 followers on Instagram?’, – try to watch similar accounts. You will be able to correct mistakes and begin to gain an audience quickly.

You need a certain number of audience – for everyone this number is different.

The main thing to remember:

High-quality content or interesting posts will always find an audience and an advertiser!