Choice of Music for TikTok

The choice of music for the next TikTok video is a difficult task. It is necessary to compare what is happening on the screen both with the lyrics of the song and with the rhythm. This will not only give a spectacular picture, but will also help achieve the most harmonious sound. In addition, the high-quality image opens the way of how to get followers on Tik Tok. Users primarily look at the content. Because of this indicator they will decide whether to follow your account or not.


  • Music selection
  • Genre
  • Indie or top 40
  • Text effect
  • Conclusion

Music selection

The choice of music is a major headache for each user of the social network. Even the most popular users have the difficulties with the selection of music from time to time. It is difficult for a person to choose a suitable melody. Owners of many accounts do not really think about the choice of music and sometimes make not very harmonious post. This negatively affects the number of followers and the possibility of how to make money on Tik Tok.

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The correct selection of the genre is to choose popular music trends. Today it is hip-hop and some areas of club and electronic music. However, this does not mean that you should limit yourself exclusively to these musical directions. It is more correct to use them in most posts, and in some cases to choose the less popular genres. Today it is rock and various jazz directions. However, no one says that the situation will change. Therefore it is necessary to regularly monitor the situation in order to understand which genres are in the music top lists.

Indie or top 40

Another difficult question is the choice of the performer. Today, technology allows to equally enjoy musical compositions of both popular artists and unknown musicians. For a large number of followers it is worth choosing more popular artists who collect stadiums during their tours. However, it is also worth tracking the situation among the less popular artists. Perhaps you can find a song that will become a cult in the coming months.

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Text effect

Another important component of each musical composition is the lyrics. In an ideal world, it should be combined with the video. If the song is about street life, then the best thing is to shoot video in similar conditions. This will significantly increase the number of views, the overall popularity of the post and your account.


Choosing the right music for the TikTok post is one of the main components of success. This will allow to quickly get views, followers and earn popularity in the social network. In addition, it will also allow to get a stable database of followers who will track all the subsequent posts.